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Due to the increasing number of arrivals of cruise ships, the lack of a pier and also thanks to the vision of a local entrepreneur, Cabo Tenders was born. starting in 1998 with 8 specially adapted boats, the cruise industry finally had an alternative to having to use its own boats and were able to deliver a high level option with which to tender its guests

Cabo Tenders began with the mission of delivering an excellent service for our customers and guests, based on safety first, reliability and flexible scheduling. Since then we have increased our fleet from 8 to 14-50 passenger boats, 2 150-passenger boats and 1 150-passenger catamarans. Our varied tender fleet gives us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of any client. In addition to the flexibility, using our service will also give your clients at least 30 more minutes ashore.

Knowing that it is our responsibility to give the first impression of Cabo San Lucas, we carefully select all of our crew and ensure that they are properly uniformed and are ready to serve with a smile. We have extensivetraining programs for all of our crew and are diligently keeping licenses and permits up to date as local laws demand of us.

For the past 15 years Cabo Tenders has provided tendering service to the finest cruise lines of the world in Cabo San Lucas.

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